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How much does E-2 Visa Cost?

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How much does an E-2 Visa cost?

The E-2 visa typically requires a minimum investment of over $150,000 in US dollars. The costs associated with an E-2 visa for an investor presentation in the USA include a Form I-129 fee of $460 (with an additional Form I-539 fee of $370 per dependent) and an option for premium processing within 15 days, which incurs an additional fee of $2,500. For investors in their home country, there is a fee of $205 per DS-160 form. Additionally, there may be expenses related to lawyer’s charges and business entity formation costs.

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How much business investment is required for an E-2 Visa?

We often receive inquiries about the required investment for an E-2 visa. The immigration regulations do not specify a minimum capital requirement, but an investor must make a “substantial” monetary investment in the business to obtain an E-2 visa. While any investment amount is possible, it is generally recommended that the E-2 visa minimum investment should exceed $150,000 to increase the chances of obtaining the visa. It is important to note that the investment should be at-risk, meaning it is being used for business purposes. If the funds for the E-2 visa cost are in the investor’s bank account, they are not considered at-risk according to the E-2 visa requirements.

What constitutes a substantial E-2 visa investment amount?

The more significant the investment amount compared to the cost or value of the business, the more substantial it is considered for an E-2 visa. In most cases, the investment percentage is lower than 100%. On the other hand, if the cost of the business is lower, a higher percentage of investment is required. Therefore, determining an exact E-2 visa minimum investment amount is challenging. However, on average, an investment amount close to $150,000 in US dollars is often recommended and works well for most business plans.

For Investors Present in the USA:

If the investor is filing a petition for a change in status through USCIS, they should pay a $460 fee for processing Form I-129. If the investor includes dependents (spouse and children) in their change of status petition, they must also file Form I-539, incurring an additional $370 in fees, contributing to the total E-2 visa cost. The E-2 visa applicant can opt for premium processing, requiring an additional fee of $2,500. The E-2 petition will be processed within 15 days.

For Investors Filing from their Home Country:

When applying for an E-2 Visa at a US embassy or consulate in their country, the investor needs to file Form DS-160. The applicant and dependents (spouse and children) will be charged an estimated $250 each to process the DS-160, in addition to other E-2 Visa costs. The applicant may also be charged a small fee once the E-2 visa is issued at the embassy or consulate. The price of this E-2 cost will depend on the country of citizenship.

Business Plan and Entity Formation:

If the applicant is forming an LLC or corporation, working with a US lawyer to establish the company is recommended. The fees, expenses, and total expenditure for E-2 visa costs will depend on the lawyer’s compensation and any other external factors.

The investor applicant must submit an E-2 compliant business plan with their E-2 application. The business plan should be prepared by a firm specializing in business plans, and the fee for an E-2-compliant business plan depends on the firm. It’s important to note that the E-2 visa investment amount is separate from E-2 visa fees for business plans.

All fees and E-2 investment amounts listed above are in US dollars.

Is the E-2 Visa Worth It?

The worthiness of the cost of an E-2 visa depends on an individual’s situation. It is a very personal and circumstance-driven decision. The simplest fact is that the E-2 visa is the fastest way to live in the USA. The value of its payment is determined by how much it means to you and how it aligns with your goals. The E-2 visa program saves you valuable time and allows you to invest in the US. The E-2 visa investment amount is completely dependent on your business plan. The returns on your E-2 investment amount depend on the level of safety and success of your investment. However, the true reward lies in the experience of living in America.