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What is a Residency by Investment Program?

A Residency by Investment Program refers to a process wherein investors can obtain permanent residency in a second country by acquiring a residence permit within a few months. This program typically requires an investment or donation. In simpler terms, it can be seen as a business transaction where investors make an investment, and in return, they receive citizenship or residency rights. Some people call it a “Golden Visa,” while others view it as a means of achieving “visa-free travel.”

Several key benefits are associated with obtaining a second residency permit or card. These benefits include visa-free travel, relief from tax burdens, enhanced privacy and freedom, access to investment opportunities, political diversification, and increased security.

The timeline for acquiring residency varies depending on the nationality laws of each country. These programs are particularly popular among investors who do not necessarily intend to permanently relocate to the new country. The choice of the best residency through an investment program ultimately depends on individual investment goals and personal preferences.

Golden Visa – Residency by Investment Countries List



  • $100,000 minimum investment
  • Processing time – 5 to 6 months
  • Residency visa for 2 years with extensions every 2 years
  • Includes unmarried Children of the Applicant that are under 21 yrs of Age

European Golden Visas:

IMPORTANT: Turkey, Cyprus, Malta and Montenegro have direct Citizenship by Investment programmes in Europe

These programs will get you to be Long-term resident (European Union).


  • €250,000 real estate investment
  • No residency requirement
  • Schengen Residence Card
  • Includes Children and Parents of the Applicant & spouse


  • €280,000 minimum investment
  • Minimum stay requirement – 7 days 1st year, 14 days in subsequent years.
  • EU Residence Card
  • Includes Children and Parents of the Applicant & siblings under care of main applicant.


  • €150,000 minimum investment
  • Fast Process – Permanent residency in 3 months
  • Visa Free Travel within the Schengen Area
  • Includes Children, Parents and Grand-parents of the Applicant


€500,000 minimum investment in real estate or business Schengen Residency Leads to Citizenship after 10 years residency Includes Children and Parents of the Applicant and Spouse

Caribbean Residency:

Golden visa for Caribbean countries is really their direct Citizenship programmes.

IMPORTANT: Grenada, Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda, Saint Kitts & Nevis and Saint Lucia have direct Citizenship by Investment programmes in Caribbean

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Residency Visa for Investors – FAQ

Which country offers the most affordable Golden Visa through investment?

The most cost-effective Golden Visa and Citizenship by Investment programs are available in Dominica and Saint Lucia. Both countries offer programs starting at $100,000 for individual investors.

How have Golden Visa programs been affected by COVID-19?

Golden Visa programs have witnessed an increase in interest and movement of individuals seeking greater security and a contingency plan for their families.

What is the minimum duration of residency required when obtaining residency through investment?

The length of stay requirement varies from country to country. For instance, Greece has no residency requirement, while Portugal typically requires just one visit over several years or a few days per year.

Are my children and parents covered under the residency programs?

All Golden Visa programs cover children of the investor who are 18 years old and under. Some programs also allow for dependent parents of the investor. Additionally, countries like Portugal and Spain extend the coverage to include parents of the investor’s spouse.

On average, how long does it take to obtain a Golden Visa residence?

The processing time for Residency programs typically ranges from 2 to 5 months on average. This applies to countries such as Malta, Spain, Greece, and Portugal.